It’s estimated that there were around 50 billion connected devices worldwide in 2020, and while this really says a lot about how far we’ve come in technology, it also addresses a big problem for many: security flaws with the devices themselves plus All of the components and services running on them, all of the potential targets for everything from malicious hackers to not-so-deliberate data leaks.

Today, an Israeli startup Vdoo, which has developed AI-based services to identify and fix these types of vulnerabilities in IoT devices, announced $ 25 million in funding that it plans to use to better address the broader problem applies to all connected objects. With its initial focus on large industrial deployments, medical systems, communications infrastructure, and the automotive industry, Vdoo is now digging deeper into the broader network of devices using communications chips, offering quick (like in minutes) assessments for identification and remediation or direct remediation. ..

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