Valve’s VR patent sparks new hopes for the rumored standalone Deckard headset


Valve’s latest VR headset is from 2019 powerful, high-priced Valve Index. But rumors have long circulated that the company is working on another device – a standalone headset code names “Deckard.” Well, to freshen up that rumor pot, here’s a recently published one Company patent application Deckard might reveal that himself.

Of course, the usual caveats apply: patents are patents, not product roadmaps. And the language used in applications like this is so deliberately broad that it defies close reading.

But the pictures – ah, the pictures – they tell a story. Or at least they give your imagination enough scope to tell your own story Perfect standalone VR headset built by Valve itself. Maybe. You can judge for yourself below:

The back of the headset.

Another rear view.

A top view of the headset.

The face seal for the headset screen.

It’s probably not wise to take these images as a rough draft of a Deckard headset. In fact, most of the written portion of the patent deals (in some detail) with the device’s headband and how exactly users can tighten and loosen it for the optimal fit. If you were in the mood for a bit of idle speculation, you can compare this focus on fit to complaints that the Index was particularly bulky, but the prioritization of comfort is hardly surprising for a VR headset.

Perhaps more notable is the recent round of data mining leaks on Deckard, extracted from official code by Brad Lynch, a YouTuber who has followed Deckard’s development as avidly as a bounty hunter taking down a replicant.

in one recent YouTube video, Lynch pulled a bunch of Deckard-coded development tools and such from the latest SteamVR beta, suggesting that Valve is pretty far along with production of whatever this new headset could become. And with the recent introduction of the Steam Deck, Valve proves that it still can surprise, delight (and frustrate) maybe Deckard himself is really getting closer with his hardware efforts. Watch this room.

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