Private 5G networks are on the rise as transformative applications support digitization and IoT. Telecom Review Asia Pacific speaks to Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, to find out how private 5G networks are opening up new opportunities for operators as 5G is a powerful driving force for transformation across all industries.

How do private 5G networks create added value for operators and change industries?

The concept of private networks is not limited to just 5G. In the age of 2G, 3G and 4G, industries with special requirements for network security and stability, such as railways, airports, energy and oil, are already relying on bespoke private networks to ensure secure and robust connectivity. Traditional private networks, however, have their limitations – they cannot support massive connectivity and can only be used as a complement to mainstream public networks. Increasingly, traditional private networks can no longer meet the requirements of real-time and remote operations in the intelligent age …

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