Virtual private networks (VPNs) are becoming increasingly popular. With the increase in internet usage due to people working from home, more people are online than ever before. Hackers and cyber criminals take advantage of the fact that they have more victims than targets. In addition to a number of other advantages, VPNs offer a way of protecting yourself against them. But have you used your VPN to the full and used split tunneling? Let us explain to you why this is a good thing.

A quick VPN summary

If you are already aware of the benefits of a VPN, this is great. Even so, there are likely some additional benefits that you weren’t aware of. Here’s a quick rundown of how a VPN can keep you safe Cyber ​​criminals online.

A VPN helps mask your IP address so you can essentially enjoy private web browsing. You can use the internet without your ISP knowing what websites you are visiting and without being prevented from accessing websites or your …

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