With spyware exploiting active zero-click attacks, sophisticated spying tools like Pegasus seem to be one step ahead of tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and others. Aside from Pegasus, there are other potent spyware like Hornbill and Sunbird that you need to be careful about. Spyware can infect your phone from a received message or a missed call. So what can you do when you find out your phone has been tracked? It is highly recommended that you do not use the same phone if Pegasus-like spyware has already been detected on it. This is because this spyware is programmed to stay connected to your device no matter what means you use. If you do the following, you will not be able to protect your phone from Pegasus-like hacking.


Can an antivirus solution protect you from Pegasus-like spyware?

No. Antivirus apps are very effective in keeping your device safe from adware, malware, etc. But when it comes to Pegasus-like spyware, using an antivirus on one is already …


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