Using the cloud helps insurance service providers optimize their business …


Frost & Sullivan believes that service providers that support a variety of virtualization options can help organizations become future-ready

SAN ANTONIO, January 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The insurance industry is accelerating the adoption of technology to improve customer interactions, develop competitive solutions and streamline business processes. By digitizing solutions and partnerships with new allies in the value chain, you can connect with customers in innovative ways and increase operational efficiency. They are getting more business value from their digital transformation by ensuring they are using an ever-increasing flow of data, protecting customer and business information from cybersecurity threats, and retaining customers when technology makes it easy to switch providers.

The latest article from Frost & Sullivan, Modernizing customer experiences is driving the cloud for the insurance industry, discusses the need for the insurance industry to digitize processes to meet customer expectations. It also explores how …



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