Using NordVPN abroad: 5 reasons why you should always travel with a VPN


Do you have a holiday trip planned this summer or are you already on business again after the opening of borders in so many countries? If you answered yes, you should consider using a VPN service! Because via tunneled connections you can not only see the content of your home country from abroad, but also surf the web much more securely at airports and other public WLAN networks. Using NordVPN as an example, we will share five reasons why you should use a VPN when traveling!

In our NordVPN Review, we tested the speeds from our office. However, a VPN is also worth using when you leave your home. As it’s finally possible to travel again for business or pleasure, we’re going to share five reasons to use a VPN when travelling.

Of course, you can also enjoy the benefits of your VPN at home and e.g. B. access abroad Streaming Offers in your home theater setup. You can also bypass geoblocking, which brings us…

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