Useful Windows 10 Feature Coming, GitHub Free, MyAnalytics Expansion

Useful Windows 10 Feature Coming, GitHub Free, MyAnalytics Expansion

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“Microsoft Monday” is a weekly column that focuses on all things Microsoft. This week “Microsoft Monday” features news about additional Microsoft 365 subscription services, the expansion of MyAnalytics, a change coming to Windows 10 setup, GitHub free updates, a partnership with Kroger and much more!

New Microsoft 365 Subscription Services

Microsoft has added a couple of new Microsoft 365 packages to its subscription services, according to ZDNet. The two new Microsoft 365 subscription bundles have been added to the price list and will become available starting February 1st. These packages are intended for business customers who may not want to subscribe to the highest tier Microsoft 365 E5 bundle.

The Microsoft 365 Identity & Threat Protection package combines Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory at a cost of $12 per user per month. And the Microsoft 365 Information Protection & Compliance package includes Office 365 Advanced Compliance and Azure Information Protection at a price of $10 per user per month. Those prices do not include volume discounts.

Microsoft will continue offering it’s security and compliance features in the Microsoft 365 E5 bundle. These two new options are simply in addition to what was available before.

MyAnalytics Expansion

Microsoft has expanded the availability of the MyAnalytics service to any Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business user (with Exchange Online rights) at no additional cost. MyAnalytics is currently available as part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 E5. And it can be added on to E1 or E3.

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics service has been coined as “fitness tracker for work.” MyAnalytics provides details about how users spend their time at work and it makes suggestions about how to be more productive. For example, MyAnalytics measures how much time is spent at meetings, using Outlook and working on documents.

MyAnalytics uses artificial intelligence to analyze emails and automatically create to-do lists. And MyAnalytics offers these insights on the form of a dashboard and weekly emails.

Cortana To Be Silenced During Windows 10 Setup

Microsoft is going to starting muting Cortana while Windows 10 is being set up, according to The Verge. This feature was introduced a couple of years ago. Even though this feature may be useful for Windows 10 users at home, many IT admins find the feature to be frustrating:

So the Cortana voice-over feature on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education will be muted. This change will be applied in the next Windows 10 update, which is currently codenamed 19H1.

The 19H1 update is expected to arrive in April. And it will include a new light theme, a sandbox feature, more emoji and new Fluent Design elements.

Useful Windows 10 Feature Coming

As Microsoft prepares to roll out a new version of Windows 10 in April, a new useful feature is expected to be added to the Home SKU version. It is the ability to allow users to pause automatic updates, according to

As of now, updates are pushed to Windows 10 Home devices as soon as they are released. But there isn’t an option to pause the updates. There is a way to do so on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.

In the most recent preview build of Windows 10 for Fast ring insiders, the Home SKU version allows users to pause updates for up to seven days. And it might be possible for Windows Home users to pause automatic updates for up to 35 days when the final version gets released.

Files On-Demand for Mac

Microsoft has started rolling out Files On-Demand for Mac. This feature enables users to see all of the files in OneDrive storage from Macs. And documents are downloaded from the cloud when they are needed.

As of last week, the feature started rolling out. And it will be available to Mac users with OneDrive for Business.

Kroger Partnership

Microsoft and Kroger have announced a partnership today where digital shelves will be added to two pilot stores in Ohio and the state of Washington — which will be near the headquarters of each company. And the stores will be designed to make it easier for customers and workers find items around the store.

At these stores, customers will be able to create a shopping list through Kroger’s Scan, Bag, Go app. From there, the app uses sensors in the store to show customers how to find their items.

GitHub Free

Back in June, Microsoft announced it was acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion and a major new feature has been added to the developer repository service. GitHub now has a feature called GitHub Free that allows users to have unlimited private repositories for free.

This makes GitHub much more competitive against rival services such as BitBucket and Gitlab. And this was the most requested feature on GitHub for years.

In the past, the free version of GitHub only allowed users to make coding projects viewable. But users could not host private projects for free. Up to three collaborators can work on GitHub Free projects.

GitHub is also consolidating the GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server under a brand called GitHub Enterprise. This will be sold under one subscription option.

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