US states should face Big Tech police


    California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed landmark legislation last week that will force big internet companies like Facebook to make their websites safer for children. Aside from causing irritation in tech circles, it’s shone a spotlight on an area where states are making bigger strides than Congress: passing legislation to regulate the freewheeling dominance of big tech companies.

    The rally against big tech is the rare topic that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, yet several federal proposals with bipartisan support have stalled in Washington, including a sweeping privacy law and an antitrust package likely next year amid a probable GOP -Most mothballed the house. When it comes to overseeing big tech, Congress is essentially deadlocked. The actual action takes place at the state level.

    Texas and Florida have been trying to enforce new social media laws that are currently tangled in court, with the possibility of a Supreme Court ruling. Both are looking…

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