US nears ‘critical time’ in tech race with China, report says


    WASHINGTON – The U.S. is nearing a “crisp moment” in the global technology race, and the price of losing could be a world beholden to China, according to a report by defense and technology experts.

    “It’s going to be the defining feature of world politics for the rest of our lives,” Bob Work, who has served as deputy secretary of defense in both the Obama and Trump administrations, told reporters Monday. “It will decide who is the greatest economic power of the 21st century. It is determined who is the greatest military power. It’s a competition that we just have to win.”

    The nearly 200-page assessment, titled “Mid-Decade Challenges to National Competitiveness,” is the first to be published by the Special Competitive Studies Project, a private group led by Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and co-chair of the The US government’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence and Work, who sits on the group’s Advisory Board.


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