US, Europe to improve food chains after India bans wheat exports


PARIS — The United States and European Union are examining how to improve food supply chains, with export restrictions from India and other nations exacerbating global problems, the EU trade chief told CNBC.

G-7 foreign ministers warned over the weekend that the war in Ukraine is increasing the risk of a global hunger crisis. Ukraine has been unable to export grain, fertilizer and vegetable oil, while the conflict is also destroying crop fields and preventing a normal planting season.

This has increased reliance on nations from other parts of the world for these products. However, some of these countries have imposed export restrictions out of concern for supplying their own citizens. Such is the case in India, for example, which on Saturday announced a ban on wheat sales “to ensure the country’s overall food security”.

“This is something that is very worrying,” Valdis Dombrovskis, the EU’s trade chief, told CNBC on Sunday about those new exports…

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