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The IIPA, which represents the MPA, RIAA and other groups in the entertainment industry, is pleased with the UAE’s strict enforcement against the use of VPNs and Tor to access pirate sites. However, the industry group urges the UAE authorities to go one step further and require VPNs to actively ban activities that violate copyright law.

The International Alliance for Intellectual Property (IIPA) represents the interests of several well-known copyright groups, including MPA, RIAA and ESA.

The group closely monitors various copyright developments around the world and regularly reports on its findings to the US Commercial Agent’s office.

In its most recent statement, the IIPA made its recommendations for the forthcoming Special 301 report. This is the annual “watchlist” that the US government calls on countries that need to improve their copyright policies.

In general, the IIPA report shows a lot of overlap with …

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