The US Army Futures Command is working with VMware to build a software factory in Austin, Texas, based on the Kubernetes Tanzu distribution provided by VMware.

Ajay Patel, general manager for the modern applications division at VMware, says the goal is to enable the U.S. Army to create an equivalent of a Silicon Valley software company within the Army, which will be manned by civilians and soldiers, who will Posts are being recruited around the world. The US Army will select 30 soldiers and civilians for the program every six months for each of the next five years.

The U.S. Army expects this program to increase the speed at which software can be created by adopting DevOps best practices for building cloud-native applications in collaboration with experts from VMware Tanzu Labs, Patel added.

The Army Software Factory is a further development of an existing VMware-enabled Government Software Factory concept that is used by other US agencies.

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