This announcement builds on an existing relationship. Ursa Space works with AWS to reduce the time from customer inquiry to delivery of results and to improve customer access to its offerings.

In the summer of 2021, Ursa Space participated in the AWS Space Accelerator, a four-week program for space pioneers who want to use AWS to solve the biggest challenges in the space industry. Ursa Space also lists several of its products on the AWS Marketplace.

“Joining the AWS partner network will help advance Ursa’s overarching mission of making it easier for people to access insights from satellite imagery,” said Adam Maher, CEO and founder of Ursa Space.

“We detect changes on earth using satellite imagery and convert the results into APIs that can now be made available to the large number of cloud users in the AWS partner network,” said Maher.

About Ursa Space

Ursa Space is a US-based intelligence agency …


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