A new report claims so iOS 15and iPadOS 15 should offer a revised notification system as well as changes to the lock screen and expanded data protection options.

Expected to be announced at WWDC 2021 in Juneand publicly released later in the year, Apple’s iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 should now have prominent redesigns. Previous reports have suggested a new design approach for app icons, but this latest leak claims changes are being made to the lock and home screen.

According to Bloomberg, the new revisions are manufactured under the code name “Sky”. It is believed that they will include an updated lock screen for both the iPhone and iPad, which comes with a major overhaul of the notifications.

Reports have reported that notifications now come with controls that allow a user to change them based on their location or activity. As in Do not disturb while drivingFor example, notifications can be silent when a user is at work but loud when they are at home.

It is claimed that the lock screen adds a feature that allows users to quickly set their status. Instead of necessarily tracking someone’s location or time of day, users can instead tap to set them to work, sleep, etc.

The same instant messaging-like status can also be included in the Control Center for quick access without going to the lock screen.

Users may also be able to set automatic message replies, much like Do Not Disturb can already send a pre-written reply to texts.

Bloomberg reports that iPadOS 15 will also have a redesigned home screen, although it doesn’t include any other details. The publication goes on to say that Messages may be reworked to better match WhatsApp, although it does point out that this may not be ready for iOS 15.

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