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The last step in the ongoing Battle between Roku and Google The latter adds some sort of workaround to allow YouTube TV to be accessed through the standard YouTube app.

In a blog post entitled “Next steps for YouTube TV members on Roku,Google announced a new feature for its YouTube app that gives access to its YouTube TV live TV streaming service.

“Existing members can easily access YouTube TV by clicking” Go to YouTube TV “on the main YouTube app,” the blog post said. “This update will be available to all YouTube TV members on Roku for the next few days. We will expand to as many devices as possible over time.”

The addition doesn’t come long after that Roku dropped the dedicated YouTube TV app from his line-up amid an ongoing dispute. Roku had threatened to drop the app if a new deal couldn’t be reached. While users on Roku platforms still won’t be able to access the app, this new feature should provide access for those who couldn’t download YouTube TV before removing it.

A screenshot of a new YouTube feature that allows access to YouTube TV
Image: YouTube

Elsewhere in the post, Google says the YouTube team is still working on reaching a new agreement with Roku. However, it is also said to be working with other companies to “secure free streaming devices in case YouTube TV members encounter access problems on Roku”.

So if you’re a Roku user who is also a YouTube TV subscriber and couldn’t get the app before it went away, you should be launching the regular YouTube app shortly and a new button labeled “Go to YouTube TV ”. If this is your first time doing this, you may need to sign up, but you should be able to access the live TV streaming service while both parties sign a new contract.

We asked Roku for her response on the move and the company sent out an official statement which we have fully included below:

“Google’s actions are the clear behavior of an unchecked monopolist who wants to suppress fair competition and impair consumer choice,” said a Roku spokesman. “YouTube’s bundling announcement shows the predatory business practices used by Google that Congress, attorneys general and regulators around the world are investigating. Roku didn’t ask YouTubeTV for an additional one dollar monetary value. All we have done is ask Google to stop its anti-competitive behavior in manipulating users’ search results for their unique financial gain, and to stop demanding access to sensitive data that no other partner on our platform is getting today. In response, Google has continued its practice of openly using its YouTube monopoly to force an independent company into an arrangement that is bad for both consumers and fair competition. “

And of course we will continue to monitor the talks between the two companies as negotiations continue.

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