Twitter Spaces – the social firm’s takeover of Clubhouse’s popular drop-in, drop-out voice chat rooms – now appears to be much more prevalent on Android.

[Update 05/04]: Twitter has now shared some more information Learn about the Spaces rollout for Android and iOS, but there are some limitations. We saw the feature appear to have been rolled out on a larger scale last week, and it looks like the Clubhouse clone will initially only be available to users with at least 600 followers or more before it will be available to everyone on the platform in the future becomes more available.

Today we offer the possibility to host a space for all accounts with 600 or more followers on Twitter. Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live calls due to their existing audience. Before we give everyone a chance to create a space, let’s focus on learning more, making spaces easier to discover, and helping people enjoy them with great audiences.

With The clubhouse is still struggling to get an app ready For Android, we can assume that Twitter is waiting for a number of fans for the live chat room function with Spaces. As long as you have at least 600 followers on Twitter, you can create a place for up to 10 speakers by tapping the “Create Tweet” button and then tapping the “Rooms” option at the top of the popup FAB.

Spaces has been slow to roll out to those already enrolled in Twitter’s beta program, but it looks like more users will see the option on their devices. Like Clubhouse, Spaces lets you create a chat room that virtually anyone can join, provided they have the original broadcast or chat room link.

Twitter Spaces for Android was only officially announced than back to the Beginning of March 2021It is very impressive to start with a much broader introduction. As mentioned earlier, the space option is now more common for Android. To check if you can create your own space, just tap the compose button. An extended FAB should show “Rooms” as well as “Photos” and “Gif”. We’re currently seeing the option across multiple accounts and devices, which means the rollout is already in full swing.

Creating a Twitter Space on Android is no different from iOS in that you can invite up to 10 active speakers while anyone using the link can drop by and listen to the audio chat. You can give your space a name and when it’s live it will be shown to your followers in the same area that Twitter Stories live in – at the top of the home feeds.

We’re still waiting for Clubhouse to come to Android, but as developers fidget to prepare it for the world’s largest mobile operating system, expect every other app to have their own take on the voice chat channels on the Discord Integrated style.

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