As we near mid-2021, there are plenty of Switch games to look forward to in the months ahead. Several first-party releases from Nintendo are supported by a handful of third-party ports and brand new titles. Add in any incoming E3-related announcements and the second half of the year will be pretty tasty for Switch fans.

If you are looking for your next big adventure or if you are wasting time, you’re in luck. We have selected a first-class pre-order food below for the months of June and July. These tips also include a number of other releases – often physical versions of what used to be just digital Switch eShop games – as well as accessories and other extras to buy for your hard-earned money this summer (or winter, depending on where in the world you are) Money vie living).

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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection brings Team Ninja’s trilogy of 3D hack-and-slash games together in one lethal little package on Switch. In the shoes of the famous ninja Ryu Hayabusa, you can unleash rivers of stylish ultraviolence and relive some of the greatest action games of the 360 ​​/ PS3 era on a pocket-sized console.

If you have big bags, this is it. Still, it’s more convenient to have a Switch than a PS3 that revolves around you, isn’t it?

Unveiled on Nintendo Direct February 2021, this is the long-awaited return to the fairways for the best Mushroom Kingdom. Mario Golf: Super Rush will have RPG elements along the lines of the famous ones Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color as well as a completely new variant of the game in Super Rush mode, in which several players run around the course in Nintendo’s “Speed ​​Golf”.

It looks manic and weird when the trailer is all one could ask for and we can’t wait to get going. We love a good pampered walkSo we grab a 3-wood and hit the fairways soon.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 takes you twenty years back to a time when your knees were in better shape and you still dreamed of pulling a 720 °. Unless you’re a young whippersnapper. If so, you have the option to catch up on the first two installments of one of the most influential sports series of all time.

Monster Hunter Rise isn’t the only new addition to Capcom’s series coming to Switch in 2021. No, a portable spin-off Monster Hunter stories also gets a switch-based sequel.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 adopts the same art style as the 3DS original and will have a strong narrative focus. Presumably, the simple RPG mechanics that the sub-series are known for are retained. The protagonist Monster Rider befriends monsters from the series instead of killing them to make a tail feather cap. Hence, alongside the more traditional entries on Switch, it offers a different flavor of Monster Hunter-y goodness.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD brings back the bespoke Wii entry in the series with a high resolution paint job and newly integrated stick-based sword fighting as an optional alternative to the original gyro controls.

While this game’s slow start, divided world, and motion controls required (not to mention Fi’s constant barrage of tips and advice) weren’t for everyone, we have very fond memories of our time playing the ten year old game and ourselves I can can’t wait to see how this version of Switch compares.

More awesome Nintendo Switch games

Aside from the games highlighted above, there are many more Switch retail games that you might enjoy in June and beyond.

Fantastic accessory for your switch

And finally, here is a selection of the best Switch accessories available in June and beyond.

That’s it for June and July – did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and also let us know if you’ve pre-ordered any of these goodies!

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