As workforces leave the confines of the office to work remotely, it’s more important than ever for organisations to support their employees with the tools and information they need to get their jobs done. Setting up individual machines for remote workers, however, can be costly and create corporate security risks.

Fortunately, desktops as a service (DaaS) can help businesses provide their employees with virtual workspaces that are secure and easy to set up. What’s more, relatively low costs from leading DaaS providers like Citrix can save organisations from large and unwelcome expenses.

DaaS Cost Benefits

DaaS leverages the flexibility of the cloud to help organisations save time and money while building out their IT infrastructure to support remote workforces. Here are the top cost-related use cases that make DaaS an appealing solution for organisations embracing IT modernisation:

  • Reduces Hardware Costs: A company’s infrastructure is likely already built on a combination of an…

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