Azure Network Watcher’s Connection Monitor (public preview) feature is now generally available. Connection monitor provides unified end-to-end connection monitoring capabilities for hybrid and Azure deployments. Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Enhanced support for VNETs, Subnets , custom on-premises networks, URL and IP based monitoring
  • Support for cross subscription and cross region monitoring
  • Centralized workspace support for your monitoring data
  • Enhanced HTTP Monitoring support
  • Express Route connectivity monitoring between on-premises and Azure
  • Enhanced topology bringing together Azure, non-Azure and internet hops
  • Automation support through PowerShell, CLI and Terraform

Some of the other capabilities:

  • Monitor endpoints within and across Azure regions, on-premises sites and global service locations
  • Faster time to detect and diagnose issues in Azure and hybrid networks
  • Access to historical monitoring data retained in Log Analytic

Connection Monitor (public…

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