As a catalyst for change, the pandemic has proven very effective in swaying the mindset of businesses to accept the feasibility of remote working. With no choice but to rethink work practices to ensure business continuity, IT management departments across the country were suddenly pushed to investigate, initiate, and accelerate cloud computing strategies. As a result, the number of companies moving to the cloud has grown tremendously – nearly 70% of companies have increased the pace of their digital transformation plans in some way due to COVID-19.

The benefits of working in the cloud are beyond doubt with its flexibility, low upfront investment and suitability for remote working, and it looks like more than half of the UK’s IT department will be in the cloud by 2023, with 75% of companies that have already switched to a cloud-first strategy. Cloud-based work will remain unambiguously, but with the advantages comes a new environment, but which also has a number of …

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