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Microsoft Azure’s UK South storage region developed a distinct wobble today.

The company reckons only a subset of customers have been affected by the “availability issue”, which began at 13:19 UTC, according to the status page.

Azure Storage is Microsoft’s take on a massively scalable store for data in the cloud – stuff like files, messages, NoSQL and so on. Microsoft pitches it as “durable and highly available” unless, it appears, you are making use of the UK South region.

The other region in Blighty, UK West, does not appear to be affected so unless you’ve shoved all your eggs into one basket, you should be fine. Right?

The issue has since spread to the App and Virtual Machines in the afflicted region, according to the status page, and users have begun reporting timeouts when trying to use the cloudy services.

The Azure support mouthpiece remained impressively responsive as customers began to notice something amiss within UK South.

The timing is unfortunate, coming a day after Microsoft trumpeted the arrival of General Availability of its Azure Data Box Disk. The box of SSDs (up to five disks of 8TB apiece) allows customers to shunt up to 40TB per order into US, EU, Canada and Australia Azure data centres without having to twiddle their thumbs while bandwidth is devoured.

Plug in (via USB 3.1, or SATA II or III), mount, and then copy copious data before shipping the thing back to Microsoft. Obviously with your own custom passkeys and 128-bit AES encryption.

Assuming, of course, the Azure storage you want to use is actually up, and not sipping a pint of warm, flat beer in some UK pub for the afternoon. ®

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