UK software sales – May 1st, 2022 – Nintendo Switch Sports debut

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This week’s software sales in the UK and we have news on the debut of Nintendo Switch Sports.

The title was able to take the lead and beat all other games in the past week. However, it had the third-biggest launch in the series behind Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts. According to GfK data, Nintendo Switch Sports sold less than half of what those games sold in its launch week.

While that may sound disappointing in some ways, Nintendo Switch Sports fared much better than Wii Sports Club on Wii U. Wii Sports Club didn’t really make the top 40 when it released in 2014. Long-term performance will also be a more significant possibility to determine the success of the game instead of just looking at the first week.

As a further comparison, since both are party titles in a sense, Nintendo Switch Sports sold more than twice as much as Mario Party Superstars. It also sold almost eight times what Just Dance 2022 sold. Finally, Nintendo Switch Sports sold more than six times what Ring Fit Adventure did when it launched.

Here’s a look at the latest UK software sales rankings for the past week:

Last week In this week title
new entry 1 Nintendo Switch Sports
1 2 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
11 3 Gran Turismo 7
7 4 Horizon forbidden west
3 5 Pokémon Legends: Arceus
4 6 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
6 7 elden ring
8th 8th grand theft auto 5
12 9 Kirby and the forgotten land
10 10 Animal Crossing: New Horizons


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