Ubuntu Pro comes to Amazon WorkSpaces • The Register


Amazon WorkSpaces, the company’s persistent desktop virtualization product, now offers Ubuntu as an option.

It’s another endorsement for penguinists, though it will undoubtedly fail to convince those industry commentators who still find it funny to joke about the “year of Linux on the desktop.”

Strictly speaking, this is nothing new. Other AWS-based providers have been offering virtual Ubuntu desktops for some time, for example with 04/18 (with Xfce) and 20.04 with GNOME and Canonical itself endorsed Ubuntu on AWS.

The Amazon private label version uses the latest Ubuntu 22.04, complete with UbuntuPro Coverage ie 10 years of updates, kernel live patching, security certification and more – most of these are more relevant to server workloads, but still not bad things. The new offering follows suit existing Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud Engine.

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