Ubisoft says that in Avatar, the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S hardware allows it to create a more natural feel.

picture: Ubisoft

Avatar: Limits of Pandora takes advantage of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X / S hardware to create a richer, more organic world to fly around quickly. said its developers in a new interview today. Even if the quests still turn out to be familiar to Ubisoft fare, open world technology is getting a big upgrade. At least that’s the opinion Ubisoft Massive is selling to gamers as to why the new Avatar won’t appear on PS4 and Xbox One.

The first person action game Current teaser trailer at E3 2021 showed characters soaring at lightning speed over the beautiful jungle planet Pandora, and although it was just a cinematic showcase, said creative director Magnus Jansén and technical director of programming Nikolay Stefanov IGN that next-generation hardware makes it possible to do similar things in actual gameplay.

“[New consoles allowed] to have much better property details in your area, ”said Stefanov, “But also when you’re flying high in the air – to have a nice view and long distance rendering where we can even use ray tracing to make shadows super far away, you know, three or four kilometers away you . “

Thanks to the new solid state drives, developers can render more realistically even faster than before. For world design, this means that points of interest can be placed much closer together. “With the old hard drives they had to be very far apart [apart]because you had to pour out the old and pour in the new, so it just created a formulaic world, ”said Jansén.

The developers also say that everything will only look better. This isn’t a shock, but it’s interesting to hear them talk about the way that is going to manifest. An example: leaves. “It can actually deal with the transparency of the leaves […] So it can find out how much light is reflected by the leaves, how strongly it is colored with the colors and everything else. You get beautiful reflections and sights for the water, even down to the volumetric clouds in the sky – you get the right lighting too. “

Already announced in 2017 User picture is one of a handful of ambitious Ubisoft projects that we haven’t heard about much since then. The little news that tend to leak has usually come in the form of delays quietly acknowledged at investor talks. The last of them have postponed the game’s release to 2022. By then, at least, more people will have an opportunity to purchase the new consoles.

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