Twitter Canada confirms that it is working on an unsent button but did not provide details on when it will be released. Photo credit: Associated Press

Twitter confirmed on Friday that it was working on an “undo send” button. Experts think it is a good function to quickly spot errors before tweets are published. However, they say that an edit button is not the game changer.

Jane Manchun Wong, a social media and website features researcher, tweeted on March 4 that the social media giant is working on the feature and added a video of what the undo feature would look like.

In an email, Twitter Canada said it was testing this feature but did not specify when it might be released.

Wong says this is far from an edit button.

“This [user interface] This implies that Twitter prefers not to provide the full editing feature, but to look at the use cases why users might want the editing feature, ”she said Yahoo Finance Canada.

Wong added that the undo feature is a “good compromise to address the need to fix typos quickly without introducing all sorts of complexities associated with editing Tweets.”

According to Ramona Pringle, tech expert and associate professor at Ryerson University, the function is fundamentally different from an edit button.

“If someone said something, they should be held accountable, and there has been a lot of controversy over the idea of ​​an edit button,” she said in an interview. “But this is not about saying you didn’t say anything … but it urges you to take a few moments to think about what you did.”

She said because so much social media is tied to the speed of the timeline with a sense of urgency, people tweeted without even thinking about what they were tweeting.

“[This feature] gives us a bit more power over the timeline and the pace of the timeline, ”she said, adding that it’s very similar to the Don’t Send button that Google enabled for Gmail. However, Pringle said this is not a breakthrough.

Richard Lachman, a technical user experience expert and associate professor at Ryerson University, agrees with Pringle, adding that this is a small feature on Twitter that is changing their business model.

“Twitter is figuring out how an ad-based model might be pushing it in directions that question the truth and question the nature of the conversation. This is an attempt to incorporate some professionalization features into Twitter to really appeal to people who might look at social based models as opposed to advertising? “, he said.

“That particular button isn’t a big story. It’s not really in the features I’d want to see if Twitter is to become a more mature conversation platform that isn’t full of anger and full of vitriol. “

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