Twitter updated its platform to prevent an automatic update of users’ feeds, which resulted in some tweets “disappearing” while reading. The platform first announced that it did Working on the update in September, said “we know it’s a frustrating experience” when tweets disappeared from view while reading and the fix is ​​now being rolled out on Twitter’s web platform. Users can load new tweets by clicking on a tweet counter bar that appears at the top of their timeline over existing tweets in their feed.

The web version of Twitter now behaves as its native iOS and Android apps do; neither automatically updates users’ timelines, but instead loads the tweets when the user manually updates their feed.

Twitter has been adding new features regularly over the past few months; in addition to its audio chat room Spaces that it launched Almost exactly a year ago the platform launched its Twitter Blue premium service to users in the US earlier this month. For a monthly fee of $ 2.99, Twitter Blue features include undo tweets, ad-free articles from some publishers, and a puzzle-like summary of the top articles.

The latest update like it Decision to close fleets Less than a year after introducing the tweets expiry feature, Twitter is suggesting that users take feedback from users into account when making changes and updates. Now if we could only get them to add editable Tweets …

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