Twitter Spaces, a feature that allows users to host or participate in live audio conversations on the platform, now has all of their hosts on Android and iOS record a session that is made available for public playback for a limited time will. This is the second major update in this regard since the introduction of the recording feature on October 28th. Last month, Twitter Spaces got a podcast-like feature that allows anyone on Android, iOS, and the web to have a recording of the discussions on. listen to the platform.

According to the latest from the company To update about Twitter Spaces, the host recording option, is now available to all users on Android and iOS. It used to be available for a limited number of people on iOS. In addition, hosts on Android and iOS can tap the Record Space switch when launching a Space to “make it available for public playback for 30 days after the Space is closed”. It just used to be available for iOS users, and the function was later expanded to Android and Web.

Recently Twitter said It tested a TikTok feature called “Quote Tweet With Reaction” that allows users to respond to tweets with photos and videos by tapping the icon in the Retweet menu. Twitter calls these reaction videos or photos Tweet Takes and is similar to TikTok’s video responses. The function is currently being tested on iOS.

Twitter too announced various initiatives to provide proper knowledge before casting their votes in the upcoming general election in five Indian states. “Elections are when people visit Twitter to find credible voting information, learn more about candidates and their election programs, and engage in healthy citizen debate and conversation. As a public conversation service, Twitter is committed to empowering people to make informed choices when exercising their civil rights, ”said a Twitter statement.

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