A bizarre mistake in the Twitter app for iOS was created in the last few days. The Twitter app keeps logging people out of their accounts unexpectedly, according to a number of complaints from users. The bug appears to primarily affect iOS 15 users, and Twitter has confirmed that it is being investigated.

In an update released today, Twitter’s support team confirmed that they are investigating this issue:

We’re investigating a bug that is causing unexpected logoffs on iOS 15. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted on the troubleshooting.

The responses to today’s tweet from Twitter support (embedded below) show that the bug affects a fair number of users, many of whom say they’ve logged in “multiple times” or more.

Further details on the extent of this bug are unclear, but it appears to affect people using the Twitter for iOS application while running iOS 15. Users report being logged out of their accounts several times a day without explanation.

In particular, the bug seems to affect every account a user has. For example, if you have multiple Twitter accounts, this error will randomly and repeatedly log you out from all of them.

Have you been affected by this Twitter for iOS bug? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll definitely update this story when Twitter shares more details.

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