Jack could be participating in the (IGC), which is a collection of lawmakers from around the who have come together to investigate into fake news, for the second gathering of public hearing later this year in May in Ottawa,

“An extraordinary public hearing featuring some of the world’s most prominent tech leaders could also include Jack as well as the CEOs of Snap and Amazon Web Services,” quoted as saying.

Snap co-founder and is and CEO of the cloud platform is

Recently, a controversy erupted after defied summons by the to attend a parliamentary hearing on safeguarding citizen right on

Zimmer, who also chairs that committee, said that no lesser regional representatives are allowed to substitute for top executives at its May hearing.

Like Twitter, has been criticised at many instances for sending lower-level executives to the and hearing.

The first global committee’s hearing was held on November 27, last year. it was attended by lawmakers of the UK, Canada, Brazil, Latvia, Argentina, Ireland, Singapore, and

Zimmer has also invited American lawmakers who are investigating disinformation to the May hearing.

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