Twitter has released a new update to prevent tweets from disappearing while users read them on the web. The company’s new move comes after a spate of complaints from Twitter users that tweets sometimes disappear from view after a user has just read a tweet. The timeline should be constantly updated, which leads to the “disappearance” of tweets. With the latest update, users can now choose when to upload new tweets to the timeline on the Twitter web.

Twitter announced on Tuesday the rollout of the new update for the web client via its support handle on the microblogging platform. This means that timelines on the web are no longer automatically updated with new tweets. According to the Twitter support page, users can upload new tweets if they want by clicking the tweet counter bar at the top of their timeline.

Twitter users who log in via the app have complained about the disappearance of tweets several times in the past. We want tweets to disappear from view when the timeline is automatically updated. Twitter assured a solution to this problem in September this year. The company announced that it would provide updates to address the issue over the next two months.

Twitter has worked on many features and updates for the platform. Recently, Twitter Spaces rolls a new feature that allows listeners and hosts to reach the audience by sending a direct link to an audio broadcast from Spaces.

Regardless, Twitter has partnered with Instagram to cross-post with the launch of. to simplify Twitter card preview on Android, iOS and the web.

In addition, Twitter has introduced a new privacy-related feature that users can use remove a follower without blocking them. Once a Twitter user removes someone, the user’s tweets will no longer automatically appear in their timeline. It is currently available in the web version.

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