Twitch has an update regarding the massive leak on the Twitch platform which took place last week and confirmed that all passwords and payment information are safe after the breach.

“Twitch passwords were not disclosed,” the company claimed in a blog entry on Friday. “We are also confident that no systems have been accessed that store Twitch credentials that have been hashed with bcrypt, nor have full credit card numbers or ACH / banking information been accessed.”

Hashing is a process of converting clear text passwords into a cache of cryptographic hashes, which are random strings of characters that are difficult to decipher by hackers who can steal a cache of passwords. Hashing is a normal process for most large companies looking to protect password data.

The new information comes after Twitch did a thorough review of the files and information revealed during its leak last week. Twitch stated that the leak was caused by a misconfigured server that allowed unauthorized access to the source code repository and the creator’s payout data.

Twitch concluded its latest statement by saying, “We take our responsibility for protecting your data very seriously. We have taken steps to continue to secure our service and we apologize to our community. “

Despite Twitch’s promise that your password and payment details are secure, it’s still a good idea to change your Twitch password if you haven’t already, and change all of your passwords regularly to make sure you’re online stay safe.

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