Tutorial: Deploying Acorn Apps on an Amazon EKS Cluster


Acorn is a new application delivery framework for Kubernetes introduced by the founders of Rancher. It’s open source, simple, lightweight, and a portable framework for deploying and scaling microservices on top of Kubernetes.

In the last and final part of the series on Acorn, we will examine how applications running in a local development environment are moved to a production environment running in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Step 1: Interactive debugging of Acorn apps in the development environment

Assuming you followed the last tutorial, you should already have the Azure vote Acorn application deployed to Minikube.

Let’s change the application while it’s still running without having to rebuild the images and update the tags in the Kubernetes deployment. Acorn makes it easy to iterate through code and configuration changes without having to follow the traditional Docker and Kubernetes workflow.

First deploy the application to Minikube by copying the following acornfile from the…

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