Tumblr Goes Over To Censor Tags On iOS: Report

Social networking site Tumblr comes with an update for iOS Users who censor a long list of tags to adhere to Apple‘s strict security guidelines.

According to the edge, the platform explains that it is changing the ability of iOS users to access sensitive content, their experience of finding content, scrolling through the Stuff for You and Following sections of the dashboard, and even affecting access to it . could prevent blogs that are tagged.

The platform said it needed to “expand the definition of what sensitive content is” in order to be “available within Apple.” Appstore, “and it seems Tumblr stretched it pretty far.

Tags make posts on Tumblr searchable; Posts with censored tags will not appear on a user’s dashboard or on the platform’s search page, the report said.

A Twitter thread pointed out some of the absurd tags that were filtered out on iOS, including the “Submission” tag.

According to the report, a Tumblr user tracked all of the blocked tags in a Google Doc. The user found that most of these tags have been locked on iOS – not all devices – and that the tags listed are subject to change.

Some forbidden tags obviously relate to sexual, violent, or harmful content, but others don’t seem to belong on the list and can actually do more harm than good if sticked on to it.

For example, “girl”, “sad” was banned. “Single Father,” “Single Mother,” “Single Parents”, “Suicide Prevention” and “Testicular Cancer” are also on the list and can harm those seeking assistance in any of these areas.

“When you search for something on WhatsApp, there is a new section called ‘Nearby businesses’: if you select the category, the results of the business accounts will be filtered based on your selection,” said WABetaInfo …

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