The Homeland Security Home Remedies Subcommittee met virtually to discuss Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Darby LaJoye, the senior officer serving as the administrator at TSA, answered questions.

COVID-19 has a direct impact on TSA. To date, 16 TSA employees and one screening contractor have died after contracting COVID-19 in the performance of their duties. Anyone who has traveled in the past year would also have seen firsthand the changes to the TSA checkpoints such as: For example, improved cleaning, the use of masks and screens, and the use of advanced screening technology with little or no touch.

LaJoye thanked the TSA staff for their extensive efforts to protect travelers in unprecedented conditions. He also thanked the subcommittee and Congress for the “generous funding” in fiscal 2021 that raised $ 144.2 million over the …

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