Trinidad’s largest supermarket chain was struggling to recover from a cyberattack that caused outages at all its locations across the country this weekend.

On Thursday Massy Stores released a statement The company said it had encountered “technical challenges” with its front-end checkout systems that meant products could not be purchased in its supermarkets and pharmacies.

β€œThe company took immediate action, suspended all customer-facing systems and worked with outside experts to resolve the situation. Backup servers were not affected and the technical team is actively working with the expert teams to restore the system safely and in the shortest possible time,” the company said explained in a follow-up comment.

“The company is not currently aware of any evidence that customer, supplier or employee data was compromised or misused as a result of the situation.”

Massy Stores did not respond to requests for comment on whether the attack was ransomware.

As of Saturday, the company was able to reopen some stores, but its card system was still crippled by the attack. All of the company’s stores reopened fully on Sunday, but the card system continued to suffer from outages.

The company – which has 21 locations across the country – claimed no customer or partner data was lost in the attacks, but did not respond to requests for more information.

Several residents said the Trinidad Daily Express that they were in the supermarket when the checkout systems went down, forcing them to put down their goods and leave the store. Some thought the systems would eventually work again, but gave up when it became clear the outage was severe.

“I was going to stay a while longer to see if the systems would have been operational again but time was against me so I left the items there and said I’ll return on Saturday,” a woman told the newspaper.

Last July, one of Sweden’s largest supermarket chains, Coop, was forced to close nearly 800 stores across the country after one of its contractors was hit by ransomware following widespread fallout Kaseya Security Incident.

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