From Blair Lyon

The sporadic resurgence of Covid-19 in the form of a second or third wave has maintained the virtual mode of interactions to get work done across countries. Based on the survival of the fittest theory, individuals, companies, organizations and governments are using the digital car to stay relevant. Forward-looking companies, for example, turned to the cloud and quickly began implementing a cloud strategy to keep their businesses afloat in chaos.

This will reduce the cost of Cloud computing has increased dramatically. The cloud computing market is growing 15.7% annually and is projected to exceed $ 1 trillion in 2024, according to an IDC report.

These changes will catch up with companies over the course of the next year as they reevaluate events in 2020. There will inevitably be more spending on the cloud, and to keep costs under control, developers, IT operations staff, and business teams may have to budget …


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