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Transaction Network Services Enhances Secure Cloud Connect Service with Connectivity to Azure

Transaction Network Services Enhances Secure Cloud Connect Service with Connectivity to Azure

Transaction Network Services (TNS) recently announced upgrades for its Secure Cloud Connect solution, including connectivity to Microsoft Azure. The company noted that these recently announced enhancements will enable financial markets participants to improve the security of their cloud infrastructure.

TNS Secure Cloud Connect, which was launched a little over a year ago, delivers simple, safe, and resilient access to a variety of cloud services. It enables connectivity to the cloud as well as from the cloud to the company’s extensive global financial community. While typically cloud providers make use of a regional set up, like with Azure, TNS Secure Cloud Connect facilitates cross-region connectivity to help make the infrastructure more efficacious and redundant.

Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer, Transaction Network Services, said, “While cloud services are playing a key role in the digital transformation of financial enterprises, it’s important to remember that the majority of this technology has been designed on IT principles, not trading infrastructure requirements. This puts financial market participants at risk, unless additional measures, such as TNS Secure Cloud Connect, are installed. By bypassing the internet and using TNS’ private network, financial organizations can reduce the security risk and meet their compliance obligations.”

The company went on to add that now organizations that use Azure can rapidly and effortlessly set up interconnectivity to all of the global exchanges and markets along with other organizations that are part of TNS’ well-known financial community of interest which includes over 2,100 endpoints. Furthermore, TNS’ existing customers, who want Azure functionality, will now be able to benefit from having a straight, safe connection with improved latency.

Founded in 1990, Transaction Network Services (TNS) provides interoperability and data communications solutions. The company offers an extensive selection of networks as well as ingenious value-added services that facilitate transactions and the exchange of information in various industries like banking, retail, telecommunications, payment processing, and the financial markets.

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