Traditional architecture still has a place in the cloud

Traditional architecture still has a place in the cloud

As so many companies confidently add an “s” to their “year” of cloud computing experience, some traditional IT architecture concepts are beginning to reemerge. These concepts can make or break a cloud deployment, but are largely forgotten by those who design, build, and deploy today’s cloud computing systems. How did it happen?

Two factors: First, many architecture certification courses from specific cloud providers leave out a lot of general, foundational architecture training. Second, many modern tools obviate the need to think through the details surrounding a cloud architecture solution.

All cloud architects must fully understand the core IT architecture concepts to create the most optimized cloud computing architecture, be it single or multicloud. Here are the three most overlooked concepts:

Abstraction. This concept requires very complex things, like poorly designed databases, overly complex network designs, or overly complicated…


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