Traceable AI, a startup providing services to protect APIs from cyberattacks, announced today that it has won an IVP-led Series B round involving BIG Labs, Unusual Ventures, Tiger Global Management and several raised $60 million from unknown angel investors. The new capital values ​​the company at more than $450 million, and CEO Jyoti Bansal – who is also a co-founder of BIG Labs and Unusual Ventures – says it will go into product development, recruiting and customer acquisition.

APIs, the interfaces that serve as connections between computer programs, are used by countless organizations to do business. However, because they can provide access to sensitive functions and data, APIs are an increasingly common target for malicious hackers. According to Salt Labs, the research arm of Salt Security (which sells API cybersecurity products, admittedly), API attacks increased nearly 681% from March 2021 to March 2022. gardener

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