Here are some of the best internet web browsers with built-in VPNs for staying anonymous while surfing the internet.

Are you concerned about your privacy and security while using your smartphone? Do you think apps are stealing your internet usage data? Are you looking for a VPN-capable browser for anonymous internet use? Then you are right with us.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a compelling need for every internet user these days. With the increasing use of smartphones, most of us switched to phone-based surfing while it came down to searching for anything on the internet. There are millions of apps looking for our internet usage data to recommend custom products and ads to us. What kind of breach of our data security, but there are not many ways to stop it. To hide our internet usage data, hide our location and mask our IP addresses, the VPN-based browsers are the only options. Although there are other apps that enable VPN on any smartphone, use such apps …

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