Whether you want to anonymize your internet traffic or bypass geographic restrictions on content, a good VPN is always a good investment. However, if you are specifically looking for a VPN to run on your smart TV, you want speed, server location, and whether or not the VPN provider is specifically optimized to support streaming.

I used Android TV via the Xiaomi Mi Box and Google TV via the new Chromecast with Google TV. Android TV / Google TV is one of the most widely used platforms by VPN providers. Smart TV platforms like Roku don’t even support a single VPN app. Usually, if you want to use Roku with VPN, you have to install the VPN on your router, which is a very technical endeavor. Not so with Android TV.

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There are dozens of VPN service providers out there, but only a few are optimized for streaming. VPN providers always play a balancing act between security and speed. Greater security means using VPN …

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