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Infrastructure and app development are becoming increasingly complex as businesses span a combination of on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. Such complexities arise when:

  • Businesses want to maximize their existing on-premises investments like traditional apps and data centers.
  • Workloads cannot be moved to public clouds due to legal or data sovereignty requirements.
  • Low latency is required, especially for edge workloads.
  • Businesses need innovative ways to transform their data insights into new products and services.

Operating in different environments involves management and security complexities. However, comprehensive hybrid solutions can not only address these complexities, but also offer new opportunities for innovation. For example, organizations can innovate anywhere in hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments by bringing Azure security and cloud-native services to those environments with a solution like Azure Arc.

Therefore we are pleased to present Azure Hybrid, Multicloud and Edge Day– Your chance to see how you can innovate anywhere with Azure Arc. Join this free digital event Wednesday 15 June 2022out 9:00am – 10:30am Pacific Time.

Here are five reasons why you should attend Azure Hybrid, Multicloud and Edge Day:

  1. Hear real-world success stories, tips, and best practices from customers using Azure Arc. IT leaders from existing customers will share how they are using Azure Arc to enable IT, database and development teams to deliver value to their users faster, quickly mine business data for deeper insights, modernize existing on-premises apps and environments and systems that are easy to manage and up to date.
  2. Be among the first to hear it Microsoft product experts present innovations, news and announcements for Azure Arc. Get the latest updates on the broadest portfolio of hybrid solutions available.
  3. See hybrid solutions in action. Watch demos and technical deep dives – led by Microsoft engineers – on hybrid and multicloud solutions including Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI. You’ll also hear product guides present demos Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance, business critical– a level of service that has only recently become generally available. Business Critical is designed for mission-critical workloads that require the most demanding performance, high availability, and security.
  4. Get answers to your questions. Use the live Q&A chat to ask your questions and gain insights into your specific scenario from Microsoft product experts and engineers.
  5. Discover new ways to build skills. Learn how to expand your hybrid and multicloud skills with the latest training and certifications from Microsoft, including the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification.

And here’s a first look at one of the Azure customers sharing their perspective at this digital event: Greggs

A UK favorite for breakfast, lunch and coffee on the go, Greggs has modernized its 80-year-old business through digital transformation. When they needed to consolidate their spread between their on-premises server estate and their virtual machines, their IT team turned to Azure Arc.

“One of the advantages of Arc was that we could use one strategy for both on-premises and off-premises architecture.” says Scott Clennell, director of infrastructure and networks at Greggs. “We deployed Azure Arc on our on-premises architecture and then deployed to the rest of the infrastructure very quickly – in a matter of weeks.”

Azure Arc has not only helped the IT team better manage their digital assets, but also transformed their team culture. By uniting their entire IT team around Azure Arc, they can better work with their developers using common systems and collaboration tools.

Hear from Greggs and other featured customers at Azure Hybrid, Multicloud, and Edge Day. We hope you can join us!

Azure Hybrid, Multicloud and Edge Day

June 15, 2022
9:00am – 10:30am Pacific Time

Provided in collaboration with Intel.

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