Businesses large and small are moving to the cloud to increase efficiency and streamline processes. A recent report by O’Reilly suggests that cloud adoption is growing rapidly across all industries, with 90 percent of them using cloud computing. Cloud computing offers your business a competitive advantage, but you can’t rush into anything without understanding the risks involved.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, thinking about it, or already there, it’s crucial to understand the vulnerabilities and address a few security considerations.


Cloud malware is a cyber attack on a cloud computing system with malicious code and service. Types of cloud-based systems vulnerable to such attacks include: open cloud-based systems, standard or easy-to-learn cloud-based systems, and those composed of entities such as virtual machines (VMs), containers, and storage buckets . In a typical malware attack, the attacker injects a malicious service into the cloud-based system, which…

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