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PlayStation Plus Premium offers the best of the best in terms of RPGs and action games, but it also comes with some fantastic hidden gems that deserve to be played. games like Gravity Rush 2 and Tricky Towers are fun, exciting and offer different experiences overall than the Triple-A titles. Here are ten PlayStation Plus Premium secrets to discover for yourself.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Is a hidden gem of PlayStation Plus premium class that makes you feel

The amazing thing about some indie games is that they are short and sweet. Instead of hours of open-world gameplay, you have a concise and touching storyline Lost Words: Beyond the Page. You play as a young writer, building platforms through her words in a textbook or in the worlds she creates.

Different scenarios like a reference to the credits of war of stars are reflected in the notebook sections and make for some memorable moments. The watercolor look is beautiful as you go through magical levels like walking through a forest. Puzzles are also added as you use words skillfully as a mechanic Lost Words: Beyond the Page. We gave the game an almost perfect score in our rating.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Is a fighting PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid PlayStation Plus Premium Insider Tip

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid may be a low-budget game, but it’s a successful fighting game due to its thorough and engaging mechanics Marvel vs. Capcom-like gameplay. You will play as a variety of Power Rangers in the long history of the show. From the classic Mighty morphine Red Ranger to Super Megaforce YBesides Ranger, there are many characters to play as, including villains like Goldar.

We wish this was the Super Edition that includes all the characters, but alas, this is the base list. Regardless, you should have fun taking out enemies online and offline. Oh, and you can summon a Megazordwhich is pretty awesome.

No straight roads Is a Rocking PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

No Straight Roads PlayStation Plus Premium Insider Tip

If you love listening to video game music on a regular basis, you would love it No straight roads. It’s an action game that adapts to the music in the game. The platforming segments and bosses of the level may change depending on the soundtrack. And while we’re on the subject of the soundtrack, it’s a delightful mix of EDM and rock, as the premise is a rock group trying to overthrow EDM’s reign in Vinyl City.

The tracks by James Landino, Funk Fiction, Falk Au Yeong, Andy Tunstall and others are exceptional as they contain captivating melodies and guitar riffs that will shake your imagination. The anime-like art style also pops up on your screen as you encounter all sorts of intriguing bosses along the way. We rated this an 8/10 in our review.

Tricky Towers Is a party game that is a PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

Tricky Towers PlayStation Plus Premium

Tricky Towers is a strange twist on the classic tetris formula, because instead of trying to delete rows, try to pile them up. You want to create a stable foundation with your blocks and then work your way up to a high position. Otherwise they all crumble together. However, there are some obstacles in the way of your competitors.

For example, they can make your blocks huge or turn them into an awkwardly shaped windmill. There is another type of game where you try to fit as many blocks in one square as possible. These can be just as exciting. The cartoon-like drawing style is also pleasant to look at. The competition between players is entertaining and it’s worth downloading it to your PS4 or PS5 via PlayStation Plus Premium.

tell lies Is a mysterious PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

Telling lies PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

Developed by Sam Barlow, creator of the critically acclaimed Your history, tell lies is another hit FMV (full motion video) available on PlayStation Plus Premium. You play as a mysterious hacker with stolen NSA footage and investigate the lives of four different people connected to an event. You watch fascinating footage and try to figure out exactly what happened to the game’s characters.

You will pay attention to words said in each video and if you type them there is a chance that more videos will appear via a search engine. As you unlock these videos, you’ll gradually learn more about the fate of these four characters. While some may lack gameplay, it’s a unique style that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Read ours rating for tell lies to find out more.

Bound Is a visually stunning PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

Bound PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

You won’t find another game that looks like this Bound, and with the hundreds of thousands of video games you can play, that’s quite an achievement. In these visually stunning dream scenarios, you play as a woman who thinks back to her childhood. Your character dances like a ballerina as she moves, and along the way you’ll need to solve puzzles and conquer platforming elements to keep progressing.

That PlayStation Store The listing states that “the introspective story unfolds through powerful metaphors and imagery, adding emotional depth to the protagonist’s journey”. Without mentioning spoilers, the plot and the graphics will surely take your breath away as you go through this beautiful game. If you have a PlayStation VR headset, be sure to check it out Bound also with that.

Concrete genius Is an underrated PlayStation Plus premium hide-and-seek game

Concrete Ghost PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

Concrete genius is another flashy game in the visual department Bound. It tells the story of a boy named Ash who is bullied by his classmates. His hometown is also in shambles as its basic industries have deteriorated in recent years. To help the city and continue his journey, you paint walls with your illustrative style.

You paint monsters and all sorts of magical objects that move with our brush stroke. It looks absolutely stunning on screen and will enchant you from start to finish. If you love emotional storytelling and unique gameplay elements, Concrete genius is a PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem that you should check out. It also supports PlayStation VR headsets with their own separate mode.

MediEvil is a blast from the past on PlayStation Plus Premium

MediEvil PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

The 3D platform genre has blossomed with hits in recent years Super Mario Odyssey, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and kirby and the forgotten land but MediEvil shouldn’t hide behind the spotlight. This unique PS1 horror classic shines on PS4 and PS5 with bright graphics, a charming personality and decent gameplay design.

The only thing that pushes it back is the archaic camera system, but that aside MediEvil is certainly not a game to be without on PlayStation Plus Premium. Maybe it could be the next game you put on your Halloween plan in October. There is a demo You can play if you’re intrigued, but you might as well download the game on premium if you have the service.

Indivisible Is a hidden gem of PlayStation Plus Premium that needs more attention

Indivisible PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

So far on ours List of the best role-playing games for PlayStation Plus premium games, Indivisible is an amazing JRPG-inspired title that combines the combos of fighting games, the depth of RPGs, and the exciting platforming genre. You will also be captivated by the epic story told in the game as Ajna swears revenge after destroying her village.

She will meet many charming characters who will help her on her way; there are actually over 20 that you can play as. Indivisible is also entirely hand-drawn, which really makes its anime-like aesthetic stand out. The voice acting is also outstanding, with talents like Cassandra Lee Morris (person 5)Stephanie Sheh (Your Name)and Matthew Mercer (Attack on Titan) play different roles.

Gravity Rush 2 Is a beautiful PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem

Gravity Rush 2 PlayStation Plus Premium Insider Tips

High intensity action? Check. Superhero Abilities? Check. A charming story? Check. Gravity Rush 2 has everything you could want in an action title, and surprisingly it’s still a PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gem. The action is exciting as you fly through the air, perform jump kicks, and use special abilities like throwing objects at enemies on the insert screen.

As Kat, defy gravity as you fly through the air and walk on walls. It gives a distinctive experience to players who want something different. They also have new stances that can be used gravity rush 2, like the heavy Jupiter style and the lighter Lunar style, each making their own twists on the battle of the game. Gravity Rush 2 is captivating with its anime-like style and beautiful art design. The story also features a variety of adorable characters Gravity Rush 2.

That concludes our list of the best hidden gems on PlayStation Plus Premium as of June 2022. Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments, and read our other guides to the best PlayStation Plus Premium games below.

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