The company suffered one of the most famous ransomware attacks of all time last week, which closed an important artery that transported gasoline and jet fuel from refineries on the country’s Gulf Coast to distribution points on the east coast.
The position has been open for more than 30 days, according to a posting on the company’s careers website for the job of Cyber ​​Security Manager.

A Colonial Wednesday statement said: “The cybersecurity stance was not created as a result of the latest ransomware attack.” The company added that as part of our longer term talent growth strategy, “there are multiple open positions as we are constantly recruiting high-profile talent across all functional areas of our business. The cybersecurity support position would be an example of this. This is a role we wanted to add to further expand our current cyber security team. “

The responsibilities of the job include “leading a team of cybersecurity certification experts and …


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