“We’re not trying to stop climate change, that’s not our mission. We are already in the realm of the consequences, we are already facing the risks and it doesn’t matter if you are a sports organization, defense company or an on-demand company. And what countries and organizations need is to set up risk management systems, ”said Shimon Elkabetz, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow.io, in an interview from his company’s Boston office.

“We provide hyperlocally accurate environmental data, but more importantly, backed by business insights and recommended actions that help our customers proactively manage the risks and ensure they are addressing environmental challenges they may have,” he added.

Tomorrow.io CEO Shimon Elkabetz Photo: Tomorrow.io

The company, formerly known as ClimaCell, was founded in 2015 by Elkabetz, a former Israeli Air Force officer, along with CSO Rei Goffer and CCO Itai Zlotnik. It offers…

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