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It spreads through social media and message boards. By television experts and talk radio. And in daily conversations in every corner of the world. Disinformation can change minds and fuel movements. But is it an unstoppable force? How can we withstand a stream of falsehoods and distortions?

Join comedians Sarah Silverman and Times reporters Kevin Roose, Sheera Frenkel and Davey Alba to unravel the roots of disinformation and its impact on our world.

We’ll hear from people who emerged from radicalization, including Caolan Robertson and Caleb Cain, who were recently featured on the Times’ Rabbit Hole podcast. And we’ll analyze how some brave readers interact with news on social media – with the help of David Rand, Professor of Management and Cognitive Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Would you like to join this segment? You can find all the details after your registration.)

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