TILON (CEO Choi Baek-jun and Choi Yong-ho), specializing in cloud virtualization, and PND I & C (CEO Choi Kyung-tae) signed an agreement on Sunday and announced the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service) markets.
PND I & C is currently expanding its business in the direction of network virtualization and comprehensive consulting for cloud networks with the network and security structure at the center for companies such as telecommunications companies, media companies, financial institutions and public institutions.
TILON wants to gain the upper hand in the South Korean market for digital jobs, which is currently shifting towards VDI and DaaS, by strengthening its partnership with national partners such as PND I & C and maintaining a high growth trend overseas as well.
As the importance of the digital workplace continues to be emphasized due to COVID-19, it is expected that cloud-based services will continue to grow. According to…


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