The deep-tech solution changes security so that an attacker has to break through a global network of organizations one after the other in order to crack a single data set

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 /Tide foundation, an award-winning deep-tech cybersecurity start-up, is healing the cyber-break pandemic with the radical idea of ​​giving “cyber herd immunity” to any organization. Tide’s unique decentralized design completely transforms corporate cyber protection strategies so that no individual or organization controls the “keys to the kingdom,” nor is there a single vulnerability that can completely compromise the system. In essence, the power of the many protects the one.

Tide recently signed an agreement with a leading global technology services company to tackle the threat of the almost daily cyber breach and expand the adoption of this innovative security model. The first target industries include healthcare, BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and critical operating technology (OT) infrastructure. Additionally, Tide and the integrator are working with a university to take advantage of the capabilities of Tide to give students absolute control over their records, which can be securely shared with other academic institutions.

With the Tide solution, the access keys to all digital assets of an organization (e.g. data, funds, cyber-physical infrastructure) are distributed across a large number of servers that are managed by many different organizations. To crack even a single asset, an attacker would have to break through the organization that owns it and then locate and violate any other organization that has the fragments of the correct key. In the event of a mass breach, this effort would have to be repeated for each individual asset, providing exponentially greater security for everyone – from SMEs to large corporations.

The new paradigm: We trust in math

The increasing dependency of the global economy on digital systems and remote employees has dramatically increased the surface area that companies are threatened with. Cyber ​​injuries are estimated in 2021 $ 6 trillion in the event of damage. This dangerous and expensive crisis is expected to occur $ 10.5 trillion annually through 2025. Meanwhile, companies are investing resources in continuous fortification, but the damage is mounting and calling for a drastic innovative solution to address the global problem.

“Security vendors like SolarWinds, Kaseya, and others who were seriously compromised were considered to be the most trusted solutions on the market. But that trust became the very flaw that was exploited in their respective supply chain attacks because their solutions had access to the most sensitive resources of the organizations they were protecting. This led to some of the most damaging violations in history, “said Michael Loewy, co-founder of Tide. “To really solve the problem, we need a whole new way of thinking.”

Tide’s groundbreaking cryptography called “Blind Secret Processing” guarantees that the network participants are completely blind to the keys, the processes used and the assets they have unlocked, while the entire herd acts as a closed, incontestable guardian.

“Today’s most advanced cybersecurity protection systems are based on what is known as the Zero Trust, which requires all users to be authenticated, authorized and continuously validated,” said Dear Professor Willy Susilo, a cybersecurity researcher and IEEE fellow who has published more than 400 articles, and a Tide consultant. “Ironically, this process is handled by a centralized mechanism that requires absolute trust. Tide’s breakthrough simply takes trust out of the equation entirely – in favor of verifiable math – so the mechanism has no insight into the sensitive processes it is performing. “

“This unique core function can be seamlessly integrated into any existing platform or managed service to guarantee true data protection, solve data ownership problems, enable secure information exchange or simply establish a new verifiable relationship of trust with consumers,” said Yuval Hertzog, co-founder of Tidewho led R&D for a decade in one of the most prestigious cyber intelligence units in Israel.

Beyond the enterprise market, Tide has embedded its technology in an open source identity and access management system that it will soon release to the developer community. “With just a few lines of code, any product or platform, regardless of its size, enjoys the same level of protection as the Internet becomes a giant shield,” added Hertzog.

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About the Tide Foundation

Tide is a deep tech company developing a new transformative, true zero trust feature that will provide even the smallest business with the protection of an endless network of organizations from cyber threats of all sizes. Tide is led by a team with military and corporate leadership experience and is supported by a high-profile advisory and investor base of technology veterans, cryptography professors, and former policy makers. Tide is a research partner at RMIT University and the University of Wollongong and was awarded a National Research Council scholarship sponsored by global bodies such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the UK Competition and Markets Authority at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 and has won numerous Deep Tech Awards.

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